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Low-alcohol and energy drinks: the development of addiction

Recently, low – alcohol beverages-sweet carbonated drinks containing 9% alcohol-have become widespread among young people and middle-aged people. As well as energy drinks in cans of 0.3 or 0.5 liters.
Their peculiarity is that they have a rapid intoxicating effect due to the content of carbon dioxide. In addition, the age group has expanded, today it is not limited only to young people. It is also alarming that they have a habit and a need to increase the dose.
To study the appearance of dependence on the use of energy and low-alcohol drinks and the effect of these categories of drinks on the body by specialists Laboratory of preclinical research MCSC named after A. S. Loginov a series of studies were conducted on white rats.
The animals were divided into 7 groups:
- 1 control group, whose daily diet remained unchanged;
- the rest of the groups were poured into the drinkers of the studied drinks in various combinations (water / energy drink / low-alcohol cocktail / sweet alcohol solution).
As a result of the study, specialists obtained the following results::
- animals quickly got used to it to the use of energy and low-alcohol drinks, and after the first intake of these drinks, the need for additional doses increased;
- taking an energy drink led to faster transition for a low-alcohol drink;
– decreased consumption of ordinary water and feed;
– the stereotype of behavior has changed animals that were given an energy and low-alcohol drink-the groups closed in on themselves and behaved very actively within the group, but reacted less to external stimuli (extraneous sounds, voice, approach of employees);
- present reaction only to the drinker with drinks - addition of a new portion, extraction of the drinker (especially from the 3rd day of the study). 
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