Online consulting with MCSC doctors

It's easy!

Remain connected with doctor via Internet.



  • Communication on previously prescribed treatment.
  • Interpretation of tests and research results.
  • Obtaining an alternative opinion on the state of health.
  • Answers to your questions.


During consultations, doctors do not make a diagnosis.
Correction of the prescribed treatment is possible only after an in-person consultation!

For whom are available?

Online consultations are available to any patient who has a personal account of the MCSC

If you are a patient of the ICSC, a personal account is created automatically, if not, then you can register, it will not take much time.

What software are needed?

No special software required.

Communication with the doctor takes place through the patient's personal account, in the browser of your computer. You can check the operation of the browser before consulting the link below.

How to request an appointment?

The same as for a regular appointment - via the electronic timetable on the MCSC website

Before you request an appointment, please log in to your personal account!

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Request an appointment via the electronic schedule!
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