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Neuroendocrine ileal tumor. Patient history of MCSC

A 43-year-old patient complained to the MCSC about irregular stools and aching pain in the right iliac region. The patient was consulted by a gastroenterologist and admitted to the diagnostic Department for examination.
According to colonoscopy, a rounded shape of about 8 mm in diameter was detected in the ISIL. The patient also underwent microscopic examination of tissues and computed tomography.
According to the results of the studies, a multidisciplinary oncological consultation was conducted and a diagnosis was made – neuroendocrine tumor of the terminal ileum. Given the size of the tumor and the enlargement of the lymph nodes, the patient was referred for surgery.:
- the operation was performed laparoscopically;
- the postoperative period proceeded smoothly, without complications;
- the patient was discharged on the 4th day after the operation.
In the planned postoperative study, the spread of the tumor to neighboring tissues and the development of metastases were not detected. The patient did not require drug treatment.
Neuroendocrine ileal tumors account for about 25% of all neuroendocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. Together with the corresponding tumors of the stomach and appendix, they are the most numerous group.:
- most often occur at the age of about 60 years;
- on average, they are equally common in men and women;
- as a rule, by the time of diagnosis, they have a size of more than 2 cm, penetrate through the connective tissue and metastasize to the lymph nodes.;
- in about 40% of cases, tumors are multiple.
Often, at the time of detection, these tumors are large and begin to spread to neighboring tissues.
Timely diagnosis in the presence of the slightest complaints of the patient is the key to successful treatment of the disease, as in this clinical example!
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