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Treatment of ovarian cysts. Patient history


In March 2021, a 44-year-old patient with suspected malignant neoplasm of the breast applied to the mammological Center "Clinic of women's health".

She was consulted by an oncologist-mammologist, as well as a comprehensive breast examination, during which the diagnosis of fibrocystic mastopathy was established. It has no threat to the patient's life and requires dynamic monitoring.

Additionally, as part of the examination in the clinic, she was consulted by specialists:

There are no abnormalities in the endocrine system. 

At the time of examination, the patient complained of:

  • periodic pain in the lower abdomen;
  • heavy menstruation. 

Gynecological status: 

  • Menstruation from 13 years, after 28 days, 4-5 days, painless.  
  • Pregnancies-3, childbirth-2 (by caesarean section, without complications).
  • Diseases: uterine fibroids, adenomyosis.

During gynecological examination: 

  • Appendages on the right-the formation of a tight-elastic consistency is palpated, limited mobility, painless when pressed. 
  • Appendages on the left are not defined. The palpation area is painless. There are no infiltrates in the pelvis.

On ultrasound of the pelvic organs, a cyst of the right ovary with anechoic contents, measuring 36x37x38 mm with thin walls, was visualized.

The doctor prescribed combined hormone therapy and recommended to undergo an ultrasound examination again. 

After 6 months, on a control ultrasound of the pelvic organs, Echo signs of the right ovarian cyst were determined. The right ovary measures 65x43x62 mm, is represented by a formation with clear contours, homogeneous liquid contents with the effect of "suspension".

Taking into account the rapid growth of the right ovarian cyst and the lack of positive dynamics from combined oral contraception, the patient had the right appendage removed and the adhesions were separated (laparoscopic adnexectomy on the right and adhesion) at the Loginov MCSC.  

According to the Morphological Study, the diagnosis was verified – "Serous cystadenoma of the ovary." 

In the postoperative period, the patient was prescribed a scheme of combined oral contraception for six months. At the control examination by a gynecologist after 6 months, no pathological changes were detected. 

Thanks to the joint work of specialists of the MCSC and FGM, aimed at a comprehensive diagnosis of the state of women's health, it was possible to diagnose the disease in a timely manner, conduct treatment and select effective therapy. 

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