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Breast cancer. Patient history of FGM


In 2016 in Women's health clinic MCSC appealed patient S., 57 years old.

She was examined by an oncologist-mammologist, in left breast it was found mobile, nodular, painless education with uneven fuzzy contours dimensions 3x3 CM.

The patient passed comprehensive examination within 1 day: 

  • digital mammography
  • Ultrasound of the mammary glands and regional lymph nodes
  • trepan biopsy


The diagnosis was confirmed: the patient breast cancer. Doctors of the Center conducted multidisciplinary consultation and at the first stage they recommended surgical treatment subcutaneous radical mastectomy with simultaneous reconstruction. 

The operation passed successfully. 

  • To define further tactics treatment and management of the patient was also performed morphological and immunohistochemical study operational material.

At the second consultation, the doctors prescribed the patient endocrinotherapy, which she is currently undergoing. 

Now the patient continues to be observed in our clinic as planned. 

  • Signs recurrence and progression diseases she has no, I'm not. 
  • She is pleased with the result aesthetic result an operation that persists throughout 4 years old and lets her don't feel restricted.

Thanks to the experienced team of specialists of FGM using modern techniques and equipment, patients with oncological diseases receive high-tech care in the shortest possible time and with achievement good results. 

An integrated approach - from diagnosis to full rehabilitation and dynamic follow – up-helps maintain high quality of life cancer patients.

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