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Neuroendocrine tumor. MCSC patient history


A 55-year-old man applied to the MCSC for a comprehensive examination. 

  • He had no complaints, he felt good.

When bringing the EGDS, endoscopists found 2 polypoid neoplasms up to 5mm in size in the stomach. In addition, the patient had endoscopic signs of atrophy of the gastric mucosaAccording to the results of biopsy of the detected neoplasms, as well as the gastric mucosa for atrophy, our doctors diagnosed atrophic gastritis.

  • At the same time, histological examination revealed neuroendocrine tumors of the stomach. 

The patient was hospitalized in the department of operative endoscopy, where he underwent endoscopic removal of these tumors. 

  • The very next day he was discharged, feels well and leads an active life.

Neuroendocrine tumor (NEO) It develops in the cells of the peripheral neuroendocrine systemendocrine cells (apudocytes) scattered in all organs. 

  • With this diagnosis, experts recommend performing additional pathoanatomic examination using immunohistochemical methods, as well as special laboratory tests that help to make a prognosis of the disease and choose an effective treatment strategy. 

The history of our patient shows that a responsible attitude to one's health and regular examination makes it possible to detect the disease at an early stage and carry out successful treatment.

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