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MCSC expert spoke about the dangers of lung cancer


August 1 –World Day against Lung Cancer, one of the most common cancers in the world. An oncologist, a junior researcher at the Scientific Department of General Oncology of the MCSC named after A.S. Loginov, told more about this disease.Sergey Smolin.

"Lung cancer is characterized by a latent course. Often, symptoms of lung cancer occur when radical treatment is no longer possible – for example, with peripheral lung cancer. For central lung cancer, a typical symptom will be a cough with hemoptysis. In addition, a sharp loss of body weight, increased fatigue – all these are reasons to contact a therapist, who, if necessary, will refer you to an oncologist," said Sergey Smolin.

In particular, the oncologist focused on hookah smoking:

"The leading risk of lung cancer is smoking – 90% of cases are associated with it. Hookah smoke contains a large amount of carbon monoxide, tobacco tar, heavy metals and other carcinogens. The total volume of smoke inhaled by a person smoking a hookah is significantly greater than that of a person smoking regular cigarettes. In addition, a hookah smoking session can last half an hour or an hour. All this makes it an extremely dangerous factor for the development of lung cancer – even more dangerous than cigarettes."

The doctor also recalled that the best prevention of lung cancer is quitting smoking, leading a healthy lifestyle and moderate physical activity.

Be healthy! 



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