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CHECK-UP at MCSC: checking the heart and blood vessels


In most cases, cardiovascular diseases develop asymptomatically, and the first manifestation can be disastrous.  Therefore, it is important to consciously approach your health and undergo preventive examinations on time. They will allow you to track certain indicators and identify violations before the first symptoms of pathology appear.

In the Center of complex diagnostics MCSC named after A.S. Loginov you can undergo a cardiological examination. It will suit people:

  • over 35 years old;
  • with bad habits (smoking tobacco);
  • leading a sedentary lifestyle;
  • having congenital diseases and heredity;
  • suffering from diabetes, overweight and hypertension, high cholesterol.

In our Center, patients can choose one of two programs – standard or optimal.

The program will allow:

  • get complete information about the state of the cardiovascular system;
  • to identify risk factors and predisposition to cardiovascular diseases;
  • identify hidden pathological processes;
  • avoid heart attack and stroke.

Complexes include:

  • All the necessary tests.
  • Instrumental diagnostics (ECG, ultrasound).
  • Examination and consultation of specialist doctors.

The transit time takes 1 business day.

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Everything you need for the examination is in one place and at the right time! 

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