What is my background? Genealogical DNA test at MCSC


What is my background? Will all of us be able to answer this question? As a rule, we remember our grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers, but the history of more ancient ancestors for most remains a mystery, which can be revealed with the help of DNA analysis.

The study will expand knowledge about its origin on the maternal and paternal lines, going back centuries.

To do this, scientists study mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Y-chromosome DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is a molecule that is transmitted only through the female line.

  • The mother passes her mtDNA to both daughters and sons, but only daughters will pass it on to the next generation.
  • During fertilization, the genetic material of the mother and father recombines, and a new DNA molecule arises.

Only mtDNA and the Y chromosome, which can reveal the secret of human origin, are not subjected to recombination.

  •  Even if in the historical past there was a genetic mixing with a representative of another ethnic group, the genes in a number of generations are gradually diluted with the genes of their ethnic group, "washing out" the genetics of the "stranger".
  • And the Y chromosome remains the same, except for the accumulated mutations in it.Why is mtDNA great for studying the distant human past?

The mtDNA sequence is transmitted unchanged, but sometimes there are changes (mutations) in it, by which you can trace the history of your ancestors.

  • Just as mtDNA accompanies the "maternal" genealogy through generations, the Y chromosome is inherited by sons from fathers unchanged, except for spontaneous mutations.

These changes in DNA scientists numbered, classified, compiled into lists and called markers. A set of such markers is called a haplotype.Carriers of which haplogroup you are, which ethnic group you represent and will allow you to establish this study.


Language, lifestyle, traditions, even the characteristic features of appearance can not always tell about possible past genetic mixes. Direct descendants in the past, near or far, may belong to a completely different ethnic group than we may think.

  • Genetic markers can be used to trace the migration path of ancestors in the historical past, as well as the genetic trace of which nationalities are present in our DNA.

This information can be passed on to your children. And with the help of available genetic databases, you can find your close and distant relatives.You can take this study at the MCSC Center for Personalized Medicine.

  • Due date: 21 days.

Recording by phone: +7 (495) 305 05 50.

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