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An appointment of a hepatologist has been opened at the Pavlov MCSC branch


Dear patients! We are pleased to inform you that a hepatologist's appointment has been opened at the MCSC Pavlov branch.

  • Consultations are conducted under the contract of paid medical services.
  • The specialist takes every Wednesday.The reception is conducted by senior researcher of the Scientific Department for the diagnosis of liver diseases, Ph.D. Sandler Julia Grigorievna.

When it is necessary to consult a hepatologist:heaviness and discomfort in the right side

  • Weakness
  • yellowing of the skin and membranes of the eyes
  • with an increase in laboratory parameters of various enzymes, bilirubin, etc.

After the consultation, you will receive recommendations and will be able to undergo a comprehensive examination.For your convenience, you can sign up:



The driving directions are available at the link.

Be healthy!

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