We invite you to a comprehensive study: coexpression of p16 and Ki67


Cervical cancer is an insidious disease that has been developing for many years without any symptoms. Prevention is the only way to detect alarming changes in a timely manner.

Changes in the cells of the cervix caused by the human papillomavirus transform into precancerous lesions, and then into cancerous ones. In 80% of cases, the immune system is able to fight infection on its own, but, unfortunately, this does not apply to the remaining 20% of women.

Therefore, it is important to conduct preventive tests for healthy women to identify the degree of risk of developing a malignant disease. They allow you to take action against cancer much faster.

Specialists of MCSC named after A. S. Loginov conduct a comprehensive study: co-expression of p16 and Ki67, which is intended for early detection of precancerous changes in the cervix in patients with HPV carriers as prescribed by the attending physician.

Thanks to this test, we can perform a cytological examination without additional sampling of the material.

In what cases is the study shown in the first place?

- long-term carriage of HPV. It accounts for 99.7% of cases of this disease. Every woman, regardless of age, is susceptible to this virus.

- if the usual cytological examination did not allow to detect or exclude alarming changes, it is worthwhile to carry out co-expression of p16 and Ki67. In combination with cytological examination, the test can provide a necessary element in explaining complex cases.

Based on the test result, an algorithm for diagnosis and treatment is selected.

We encourage women to get screened on time, even if there are no symptoms! Proper prevention helps to detect the presence of precancerous lesions in a timely manner and increases the chances of recovery.

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