Specialists from Yakutia are improving their skills at MCSC


MCSC named after A.S. Loginov and the Yakutsk Republican Oncological Dispensary continue cooperation and exchange of experience. 

Specialists of the Department of Diagnostic and Operative Endoscopy of the Yakutsk Cancer Center have completed the advanced training course "Endosonography in the diagnosis of diseases of the upper digestive tract" at The MCSC. The educational program included lectures, practical training and analysis of interesting cases from practice.

The training was conducted under the guidance of experts of the MCSC named after A.S. Loginov in the field of endoscopy:Kirill Shishin, Head of Endoscopy Department

"It is important to constantly expand professional horizons. Impressions from the course are certainly vivid. I have received a large amount of useful information for use in the professional field. I would also like to mention the teaching staff, studying with such professionals, the stars of our domestic endoscopy is not only a great inspiration, but also a tremendous experience," Anatoly Mukhin, specialist of the Department of diagnostic and operative endoscopy of the Yakut Cancer Center, shared his impressions.Previously, leading MCSC surgeons have repeatedly conducted master classes, demonstration operations and training events for colleagues from Yakutia.



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