Training at MCSC. Internship review


Anastasia Shklyarskaya completed an internship at the Department of High-tech Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy MCSC and shared her impressions about the training:

"I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to take part in an internship at the center. Loginova in the Department of high-tech surgery and Surgical endoscopy for her content, as well as for warmth and hospitality.
All days were filled with interesting tasks and various moments! I managed to see firsthand a large number of operations of different levels of complexity, I am sure that I will remember all the operations, because they were imprinted on the heart and occupied a certain row and place at the level of the subcortex. As the saying goes: "No amount of money can buy moments and memories!"
Hernias of various localization were very well remembered, because not a single day in the operating room could do without them! On the penultimate day I was lucky enough to attend the operation – diverticulectomy of the esophagus, during which the operating surgeon asked me a number of questions about the operation.
I am very glad that I managed to visit the operations of patients with diseases of the intestine, pancreas, uterus, conducted both by the open method and laparoscopic. And I sincerely believe that laparoscopy is our era!
One of the exciting impressions is a tumor of the 4th stage of the retroperitoneal space! It was a giant and ugly tumor, which is a conglomerate of continuous atypical tissues covered with fat. As many as 16 medical staff were present at this operation! Her size was amazing (35 cm in length and 12 kg of net weight).
In the department, already as an intern, I felt like a part of the surgical team, because I often had to help. It was nice when walking along the operating block, everyone greets you and smiles happily. Many thanks to the residents who were always happy to help and listen. I am sure that the knowledge and experience gained here will not be in vain, but will become useful and valuable in the future!"MCSC named After A.S. Loginov is:

a large multidisciplinary scientific and medical center in Moscow;

  • leading experts in their fields, known not only in Russia, but also in the world of medicine.
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