May 28 - International Women's Health Day


May 28 is celebrated International Women's Health Day.

A huge number of infectious, inflammatory and hormonal problems women could avoid if they knew more about their health.


  • Proper hygiene

The basic rules include:

- daily hygiene procedures;

- wearing underwear made of natural fabrics;

- proper use of personal hygiene products - regular change during menstruation, products without flavored fragrances, etc.

  • Healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps to take care of and take care of your body. The basic principles include:

- balanced and rational nutrition;

- adequate fluid intake;

- physical activity;

- full sleep;

- giving up bad habits;

- formation of resistance to stress.

  • Proper sexual behavior

Mandatory use of contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

  • Regular medical examination

The most important thing is to visit a gynecologist 1 time a year. During the visit, the doctor will clarify complaints, features of the menstrual cycle, conduct an examination and laboratory tests.

In the mammological center "Clinic of Women's Health" in 1-2 days you can undergo a complete diagnosis of the organs of the reproductive system.

Timely diagnosis allows you to make a diagnosis in time, take control of the situation and lead to a full recovery!

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