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XX Prize of the city of Moscow in the field of medicine: take part in the public vote


On the website of the Research Institute of the Organization of Healthcare and Medical Management of the DM, until June 5, inclusive, there is a public online voting for the works of the author's teams submitted for the XX anniversary Prize of the city of Moscow in the field of medicine.

This year, a record number of applications were received for consideration – 98 works from teams of various medical organizations. The technical expertise has already been completed, then the projects will be submitted for examination to the RAS and to the members of the Expert Council on the award for a more in-depth independent evaluation.

The organizers of the event are the Council of Chief Physicians at the Department of Healthcare of the City of Moscow, the Research Institute of Healthcare Organization and Medical Management of the DM provides organizational and communication support.

  • Link for voting.Attention!

You can vote for one job only once! The number of works for which you can vote is unlimited.We invite you and your colleagues to take part in the voting!

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