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Oncology: from detection to recovery

From 9 to 11 September was held IV Forum of social innovations of Regions. This is one of the largest social projects with the participation of world experts, the main theme of which this year was "social sphere: challenges of the third millennium".  
On the first day of the Forum, a discussion was held on the topic "Oncology: from detection to recovery", which was attended by the chief freelance oncologist of the Ministry of health of Russia Andrey Kaprin, chief freelance specialist-oncologist dzm Igor Khatkov, deputy head of the Department of health of the city of Moscow Said Hajiyev, head of the Center for the development of social technologies in Moscow Natalia Klimova, general director of the Center for expertise and quality control of medical care Vitaly Omelyanovsky and the president of MEDINVESTGROUP Sergey Notov
During the discussion, experts discussed the new procedure for providing oncological care in Moscow, the Moscow cancer register and the monitoring system for dispensary observation of patients with oncological diseases, the role of professional medical communities in organizing oncological care in Moscow, interaction between the state and business for the most successful translation of Moscow experience to the regions and many other interesting topics.
President of the Moscow Cancer Society Igor Khatkov in his report on the role of professional communities, he focused the audience's attention on the need for close interaction of the professional community with administrative and management personnel of healthcare to improve the effectiveness of providing care to cancer patients.
See the full video of the discussion on the website forum.
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