Food intolerances and food allergies. Says the expert MCSC

Food allergies or intolerances can occur at any age to a variety of foods and supplements. 
Often the symptoms of the disease are latent delayed - occur no earlier than 8 hours after the use of the problem product. 
And they are diverse in their manifestations: from skin rashes to headaches and joint pain.
According to statistics, food intolerance is up to 45% of the population. Women and children are more susceptible to it.
Is there a difference between food intolerance and food allergy? 
What foods are most often intolerant to? 
* What modern methods of examination are there?
* Is there an effective treatment?
The questions are answered by the expert of the MCSC, gastroenterologist, head of the Department of non-inflammatory bowel pathology, Ph. D. Svetlana Bykova in the program "doctors" on the OTR TV channel. 
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