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Crohn's disease. MCSC patient Feedback

Today we are telling the story of our patient Ivan.

He is 25 years old. In 2009, when he was a teenager, he began to notice unpleasant symptoms:abdominal pain

  • nausea, vomiting
  • Weight loss (20 kg)

Doctors diagnosed Crohn's disease, and surgery could also be required due to complications.I was treated for a long time, but nothing helped.

  • When he turned 18, he applied to the MCSC in the IBD department.

At the first stage, our specialists were able to stop the severe course of the disease and postpone the operation.However, later scars formed at the site of inflammation, they narrowed the lumen of the small intestine – an operation was required, which was successfully performed by surgeons of the department of coloproctology.

Then the patient was prescribed therapy with biological drugs, which allowed the disease to go into remission.Today Ivan continues to be regularly examined in our Center, feels well and leads an active life.


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