Chronic calculous pancreatitis. MCSC patient feedback

Today we are telling the story of our patient Andrei.

He is 54 years old. In 2016, he began to be disturbed:

  • chest pain in the stomach area
  • Weakness
  • diarrhea up to 8 times a day
  • strong weight loss from 98 to 65 kg

He was treated for almost a year, but the improvement came only for a short time, and the doctors could not make a diagnosis.

In 2017, friends advised him to contact the department of pathology of the pancreas and biliary tract MCSC.

  • After a comprehensive examination, our specialists made an accurate diagnosis: chronic calculous pancreatitis. But in addition, he was found to have a tumor of the left adrenal gland. 


  • After a multidisciplinary consultation with the participation of gastroenterologists and surgeons, the patient underwent a major operation on the pancreas and adrenal gland, which lasted almost 9 hours.Today Andrey feels well, follows all the doctor's recommendations and annually undergoes a follow-up examination in our Center.


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