MCSC is the leader of the rating of oncostationaries of the capital for 2022.

A rating of anchor multidisciplinary cancer centers has been published in Moscow.

  • according to the results of 2022, the MCSC named after a.s. loginov became the leader."The fact that we started doing this in the oncological service of Moscow is just the beginning.

it is formed according to a number of parameters that ultimately reflect both the quality of medical care and comfort for the patient," said igor khatkov, director of the MCSC named after a.s. loginov, academician of the russian academy of sciences, professor.

The rating is based on medical indicators and patient reviews. This is a useful tool that allows hospitals and employees to analyze their work and make adjustments if necessary.

according to the results of the first results of 2023, MCSC still holds the lead.

For more information, see the story "Vesti. Local time" on the channel Russia 1.


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