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How to keep the pancreas healthy. Says the MCSC expert

The pancreas is a key organ of the digestive system, which performs the most important functions of the body, because it produces all kinds of enzymes, insulin and bicarbonates.

  • Because of what can be a violation of digestion and digestion of food?
  • What damages the pancreas and is the cause of its diseases?
  • What kind of pain indicates an unhealthy pancreas?
  • How not to miss a pancreatic tumor?
  • What kind of nutrition is necessary for pancreatic diseases?
  • What is chronic pancreatitis, why does it occur, its symptoms and pain manifestations?
  • Why is it necessary to monitor glucose levels?

These and other questions were answered by the head of the Department of Pathology of the pancreas, biliary tract and Upper digestive tract MCSC, MD, prof. Dmitry Stanislavovich Bordin in the program on the channel of the International Fund for the Development of Biomedical Technologies named after V.P. Filatov FFTV.

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