Arthromedullary bypass surgery. MCSC patient Feedback

Today we are telling the story of patient Evgeny Ivanovich Pashchenko from the Department of Orthopedics and complex trauma of the MCSC named after A.S. Loginov.

  • Against the background of increased loads and injuries during professional sports, his knee joint has worn out.

The specialists of our Center offered him an innovative method of treatment - arthromedullary bypass surgery. It is based on the use of the patient's own intraosseous contents as a lubricant for the treatment of the affected joint.

This allows you to:

▫️ significantly reduce pain syndrome;

▫️ save your own joint;

▫️ delay endoprosthetics;

Stimulate the healing of affected areas of articular cartilage.

Today, Eugene is feeling well and sharing his impressions about the operation.


You can make an appointment with a traumatologist-orthopedist #MCSC and get the necessary information either by calling the call center +7-495-304-30-39 (MHI) / 8-800-234-24-22 (PMU), or independently through an electronic schedule.

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