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MCSC Director Igor Khatkov at the plenary session of the Forum of Future Technologies 2024

Yesterday in Moscow, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin took part in the plenary session of the Forum of Future Technologies "Modern Medical Technologies. The challenges of tomorrow are ahead of time."

The main theses of the President's speech:

  • The key priority of domestic healthcare is to build a medical care system around a person, a specific patient.
  • In Russia, more than half of cases of cancer can be detected at the initial stage, when the prognosis of treatment is as favorable as possible.
  • Russia has come very close to creating cancer vaccines and is counting on their speedy and effective use.
  • It is necessary to expand the network of national medical research centers in the Russian Federation.
  • It is imperative to extend the project for the modernization of primary health care.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin also sincerely thanked the doctors, nurses and all representatives of the medical community for their merciful, truly ascetic work.

The plenary session was attended by:

  • Academician Alexander Alexandrovich Makarov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Director of the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Professor Raul Gainetdinov, Director of the Institute of Translational Medicine of St. Petersburg State University.
  • Academician Akimkin Vasily Gennadievich, Head of the Center for Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor.
  • Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vsevolod Vadimovich Belousov, Head of the Center for Brain and Neurotechnologies of the FMBA of Russia.
  • Ilya Igorevich Eremin, Deputy Head of the Russian Scientific Center of Surgery named after B.V. Petrovsky of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.
  • Academician Igor Evgenievich Khatkov, Director of the Moscow Clinical Research Center named after A.S. Loginov DZM

Igor Evgenievich told about the details of the surgery of the future, oncological theranostics (treatment combining therapy and diagnosis of the disease) and the evolution of drug provision.

"If we still talk about future development, then this is definitely a completely robotic surgery, and it is such a smart robotic surgery with integrated security systems, error prevention systems, intraoperative navigation systems," said Igor Khatkov. 

See the full recording of the meeting at the link

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD