How gene mutations affect the development of cancer. Says the MCSC expert

One of the main causes of cancer is mutations in certain genes that control the normal functioning of cells. These mutations can be either inherited or acquired during life.

Gene mutations play a key role in the development of cancer and can provide information about the risk of developing cancer, as well as help in choosing the best treatment.

  • What are gene mutations and how do they affect the development of cancer?
  • Who needs to undergo a genetic examination?
  • If a mutation is detected, what is the risk of getting cancer?
  • What preventive measures exist for carriers of mutated genes?

Anastasia Danishevich, oncologist, geneticist of the A.S. Loginov MCSC Center for Personalized Medicine, answered these and many other questions as a guest of the Point of Application program.

Recording the broadcast on the radio Mediametrix:

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