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V Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine

Our colleagues took part in the V Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine, held on September 11-13 in Moscow at VDNH.

An important program event of the congress was the section "Dialogue of clinics and laboratories: modern trends in laboratory diagnostics of autoimmune diseases", dedicated to the discussion of the clinical significance of a wide range of molecular and cellular biomarkers in systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases, autoimmune diseases of the liver and intestines, in which the leading specialists of the Laboratory of Clinical Immunology - MD.Alexandrova E. N. and MD. Novikov A. A., the Laboratory of scientific and diagnostic research-MD. Gudkova R. B., the departments of Hepatology and pathologies of the intestine - Candidate of Medical Sciences Sandler Yu. G., Doctor of Medical Sciences Sabelnikova E. A., Akhmadullina O. V.

At the III Forum "Clinical Cytology", the head of the clinical and diagnostic laboratory, PhD Noskova K. K. with co-authors (Putova M. V., Kolesova E. N., MD Bystrovskaya E. V., Kovalenko D. D.) presented the results of the development and implementation in clinical practice of the algorithm for laboratory diagnosis of cystic neoplasms of the pancreas.

The program of the congress included the First Forum on Preanalytics with International participation, where a discussion of laboratory diagnostics specialists and clinicians was held on the issues of managing the appointment of laboratory tests using internal audits in a multidisciplinary hospital, at which K. K. Noskova also spoke.

At the poster section Putova M. V., Candidate of Medical Sciences Noskova K. K., Kolesova E. N. and Tigrov M. S. made a report "Cytological diagnosis of secondary lesions of the lymph nodes of the neck". Parfenov A. I. and Borunova Zh. V. presented the report "Polymorphism of the regulatory region of the LCT gene and lactase activity of human small intestine mucosa biopsies".

Specialists of the clinical and diagnostic laboratory of the Candidate of Medical Sciences Noskova K. K., Kolesova E. N., Putova M. V. also took part in the School of Biostatistics organized by the European Federation of Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) together with the Association "Federation of Laboratory Medicine" (FLM).




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