Patient O.

Already twice I, a resident of Sevastopol, had a Chance to be treated at The MCSC for Radiation Proctitis, which proceeded in severe form. I am especially grateful to the deputy chief surgeon Alexander Vladimirovich Klimashevich, who got into my situation (anemia on the verge of life and death!), and, without exaggeration, saved me by urgently identifying me in the hospital. Many thanks to the attending surgeon Alexander Vladimirovich Leontiev, who brilliantly conducted the first stage of the AIC, observed in the hospital and prescribed an effective course of further treatment, as well as to the endoscopist Elena Alexandrovna Grishina, who just as competently carried out the second stage of the AIC in three months.

These are doctors who, I have no doubt, would be welcomed with open arms by the most prestigious foreign clinic – the Golden Fund of the MCSC. Sincere gratitude to the wonderful nurses who scrupulously and conscientiously carried out all the recommendations of the doctors; tireless nurses who maintain cleanliness, exemplary order and comfort in the wards and common areas. Special thanks to the government of Moscow, which has preserved a unique state medical institution – a real island of hope for the patients of a huge country.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD