Online consultations with MCSC doctors n. a. A. S. Loginov


I really want to tell you, and most importantly thank the staff of the Department of chemotherapy of the MCSC for their excellent work.
Oncology is a sentence for many, many years. And when, after several operations, you get to the chemotherapy department, you realize that your entire future life now depends on these doctors.
Here I thank the head of the department, Doctor of Medical Sciences Natalia Dobrovolskaya a thousand times. Thank you for everything: for the good, knowledgeable, highly qualified, intelligent, determined doctors, whom she has brought up and is constantly educating; for the competent, friendly medical staff, who are constantly (around the clock) on duty and are able to solve all the tasks assigned to them.
We, the patients, in this department are treated with true, understanding, compassion, and this is so important for everyone.
Here I can't help but thank the senior nurse of the department, Olga Anatolyevna Bryleva. This is a very calm, friendly person, always smiling, passing through the department, and at the same time for each of us, patients, she has a warm word, although at the same time, for sure, every second she solves a lot of current and very pressing organizational issues, which can only be guessed. The selection of medical personnel is of course also her great merit.
Constantly, every day, the department is visited by a day nurse Marina Arkadyevna and a procedure nurse Lyudmila Vladimirovna. I would like to say about them separately and also, of course, in excellent comparisons. Marina Arkadyevna, for example, when one day during the next course of chemotherapy I became very ill (I omit the heavy details), did not leave me for a minute until I felt better. At the same time, she quickly called the attending physician to provide emergency assistance, quickly brought the necessary medicines and supported my morale with her calm and confident actions. Therefore, I had no doubt that everything would be fine, but it was really very bad (the body's reaction to chemotherapy drugs is not always predictable).
The procedure nurse-Lyudmila Vladimirovna-is also a professional of the highest category: on the one hand, she is strict, unflappable, on the other – very responsive, patient, understanding, gave very valuable practical advice, and her hands are simply golden.
In this department, even the girls, whose duty is to bring and distribute food in the dining room, patiently go into the ward several times and ask what to bring from the food, since during the procedure of administering chemotherapy drugs, patients can not leave the ward to the dining room, and the procedures are quite long in time. More, thank them very much for this.
Finally, I turn to the words of gratitude to my attending physician. His name is Vasily Vasilyevich Marfutov. This is a very young doctor, but at the same time very (as far as I can judge) knowledgeable, experienced, enjoying undoubted authority among patients, respect and trust of the department staff. As a person, he is very intelligent, well-mannered, responsive, with a wide range of interests. The speed of making decisions about the choice and method of treatment in a particular situation is lightning fast, especially in emergency situations (I was convinced of this by my own example).  
I went through 7 courses of chemotherapy in this department. And all this time, from his side, I saw only care, attention and understanding. Thank him very much for that.
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD