Online consultations with MCSC doctors n. a. A. S. Loginov

Patient B.

I would like to express my great gratitude to Professor, surgeon of the Department of Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery of the Moscow State Medical Center Kulezneva Yulia Valeryevna, thanks to whom I found myself in the clinical center, the only place in Moscow where I was able to provide timely assistance for a rare liver cyst disease, which I learned about when it reached a life-threatening size. Kulezneva Yulia Valeryevna showed sincere attention, responsiveness, goodwill, and most importantly, immediately reacted when I called her at the phone number that I was given in another hospital, and without delay, long waiting and any extortion (which is not uncommon in Moscow) arranged for me to consult in the department of GPBH MCSC and immediate hospitalization in the department. I was struck by the attentive and absolutely disinterested, kind attitude of Kulezneva Yu. V. towards me.
    This beautiful, beautiful woman, who stands out so much among the faceless gray mass of other doctors, is equally impeccable and admirable both in appearance, in relation to patients, and in her professional activities. In the following months of my stay at the MCSC, at every meeting with Kulezneva Yu. V., she was always the same friendly, smiling, attentive, infinitely balanced, which aroused in response respect, trust and admiration for her as a professional and a person.
I wish you success in your difficult scientific and medical work, health, patience, professional endurance and mental balance, so that you can continue to remain as beautiful and beautiful for a long time, deeply respected Yulia Valeryevna!
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD