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Mental health

Mental health is a certain level of quality of life, when a person is free to realize his potential, resist stress, build satisfactory relationships with other people around the world.

Work in the field of mental health occupies a wide range: from sessions with a psychotherapist or psychologist to medical treatment of certain conditions.

Directions of our work:

1. Psychiatry (the clinical level of certain disorders and the selection of drug therapy)

What disorders do we work with:

  • affective disorders (depression, bipolar affective disorder)
  • anxiety and stress related disorders
  • psychosomatic disorders
  • eating disorders
  • personality disorders

2. Psychotherapy - non-drug treatment (work to improve the quality of life, relationships, understanding oneself, achieving greater efficiency in work, combating stress and much more).

Including such a direction of psychotherapy as art therapy - when we move from the familiar format of the doctor-patient dialogue into the space of alternative forms of expressing our condition - with the help of a drawing, sculpture, creation of art objects. Which in some cases facilitates communication and work with difficult emotional experiences.

3. Oncopsychology - the direction of psychological work in the field of cancer.

We know that the attitude to the diagnosis of “oncology” is different from other diseases. There are also a number of features of working with this particular state, which served as the reason for the formation of a separate direction.

  • accompanying the patient at any stage of treatment - examination, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation
  • support for relatives and friends

4. Working with dependencies

We work with chemical and non-chemical dependencies or addictions in the format:

  • advisory assistance in the presence of a "second" diagnosis (depression, anxiety disorder, personality disorders)
  • psychotherapeutic assistance in the format of rehabilitation and support

Timely contacting specialists allows you to assess the condition on time and choose the best option for help!

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