Pregnancy planning

One of the most important steps to giving birth to a healthy baby is to prepare the couple for pregnancy.

An integrated approach and the unique experience of our specialists is an opportunity

  • draw up an individualized pregnancy preparation plan
  • assess risks and prevent the development of pathology of pregnancy and the fetus

Possession of classical and advanced methods of molecular genetic diagnostics, such as Next generation sequencing (NGS), chromosome microarray analysis (XMA), etc., makes it possible to conduct a maximum examination of both partners and exclude the hidden carriage of not only frequent monogenic diseases, but also rare genetic violations.


When should I see a geneticist?

  • in case of infertility, non-developing pregnancy, miscarriage;
  • in the presence of hereditary or chronic diseases in one of the spouses;
  • in case of consanguineous marriage;
  • when planning a pregnancy in adulthood (woman over 35 years old, man over 42 years old);
  • in the case of the birth of a child with a congenital pathology (delayed physical and neuropsychic development, malformations of organs and systems, etc.).
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