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World Mental Health Day 10 October


October 10 known worldwide as Mental health day.

This year the theme is dedicated to him caring for everyone's mental health.

The covid-19 pandemic has especially increased urgency psychiatric and psychological care due to the negative effects on mental health. 

  • This applies to both patients and health care professionals-especially those who work in hospitals. "the red zone."

Today in many countries the issue is actively discussed service development relating to mental health, and availability and quality psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and psychological assistance.

As part of World Mental Health Day, you can ask the following questions: questions specialists Center for Personalized Medicine in Instagram @person.mknc

October 11 
Venerable Tatyana Vladimirovna - family therapist, cognitive behavioral therapist, oncopsychologist, art therapist, communications specialist

October 12 
Ogarev Valery Vladimirovich
- medical psychologist, psychotherapist

October 13 
Romashkina Natalia Vitalievna
- psychotherapist, psychiatrist

Take care of yourself!

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