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Second opinion: expert review of ready-made histological preparations in MCSC


The correct pathomorphological diagnosis is the basis for choosing the optimal treatment method, and, in many ways, the key to the effectiveness of therapy.

In the case of oncological diseases, it is critically important to establish the correct diagnosis, since each case is individual and requires a personalized approach, and incorrectly selected treatment can be not only ineffective, but also harmful to the patient. 

in the pathology department (pao) MCSC named after a.s. loginov, the "second opinion" service for reviewing ready-made histological preparations is available to patients.

A second opinion may be useful in the following cases:the initial diagnosis was ambiguous or raised doubts with the doctor;

  • the treatment did not give the expected results;
  • there are different opinions about treatment tactics;
  • it is necessary to carry out additional research methods (immunohistochemical study, molecular genetic tests);
  • There is a need to compare and contrast the material from previous surgical interventions and the material currently obtained.

Our Center is one of the anchor oncological hospitals in Moscow. in pjsc MCSC named after a.s. loginov, doctors with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in various localizations and nosologies work. 

Our advantages:A multidisciplinary approach.

  • The specialists of the department maintain close contact with the attending physicians, discuss diagnoses and discuss diagnostic tactics taking into account the interests of the patient. 
  • Narrow specialization. Revisions of histological preparations are distributed among doctors not randomly, but based on the patient's diagnosis and the professional competencies of the pathologist.
  • Teamwork. The doctors of the department discuss difficult and rare cases with each other and hold consultations inside the department with viewing histological preparations on a multi-head microscope. Thus, it is possible to get the opinion of not one, but several specialized specialists within the framework of one revision.
  • Highly qualified. The staff of the department constantly improve their level of knowledge, attend lectures and master classes, take part in symposiums and conferences. In their work, each doctor uses up-to-date sources of information, including Russian and foreign scientific articles, as well as the most up-to-date classifications and diagnostic protocols.
  • Modern equipment. The department has modern equipment and a wide panel of antibodies for immunohistochemical studies.

In some cases, as a result of the revision of ready-made histological preparations, the morphological conclusion may be changed or clarified, which will subsequently determine the treatment tactics and prognosis of the disease. 

More details on our website at the link.You can get additional information by phone 8 (800) 234-24-22 or by e-mail dogovor@mknc.ru .

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