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Digital pathomorphological diagnosis of oncological diseases


Digital pathomorphology allows you to reduce the time for diagnosis, which is a key factor in the treatment of cancer. Now specialists are studying not glasses with tissue samples, but their digital images, which are then archived and available at any time.

"Today we are digitizing all histological preparations, which allows us to diagnose on the monitor screen without the help of a microscope. All histological preparations are scanned in high resolution, which makes it possible to obtain images at a magnification of 400 times with maximum quality," said Nikolai Karnaukhov, head of the Laboratory of Pathomorphology MCSC named after A.S. Loginov, Senior Researcher, Ph.D. Nikolai Karnaukhov.

Approximately 1.5 million tissue samples are analyzed annually in Moscow. That's about 5,000 glasses a day.

When the digital archive is formed, artificial intelligence technologies will be able to be used on the basis of it, to develop services that will help pathomorphologists in analyzing and making decisions.

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