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Crohn's disease. MCSC patient's review

Today we are telling the story of our patient Anna.

In 2016, she developed unpleasant symptoms:the volume of the abdomen has increased

  • feeling of discomfort, bloating

She did not undergo treatment, but after a while she began to feel worse:there was a stool 5-6 times a day with an admixture of blood and mucus

  • general weakness The patient attributed this to malnutrition, but still went to the doctor.

She was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and prescribed treatment, which did not help.Then she decided to undergo a consultation at the MCSC.

Our specialists of the IBD department confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed effective therapy. For the 3rd year, the patient's illness has been in remission.Today, Anna continues to be regularly examined at our Center, feels well and leads an active life.

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