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Hereditary forms of colorectal cancer. Says the expert of the MCSC

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is an actual problem of modern oncology. It occupies a leading place in the structure of cancer incidence. About 5% of cases of CRC occur against the background of hereditary syndromes: Lynch syndrome; Pates-Jaegers syndrome; familial adenomatous polyposis; juvenile polyposis. Often, the clinical manifestations of these syndromes have a mask of banal gastroenterological symptoms. Therefore, patients are late to seek medical help. Aslan Baichorov, oncologist at the Department of Coloproctology at the Loginov MCSC, tells us more about who is at risk, how the diagnosis and treatment are carried out .  


Danilov Mikhail Alexandrovich

Danilov Mikhail Alexandrovich

Surgeon, Oncologist, Coloproctologist

Head of department


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