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Coloproctology at MCSC Pavlova. Survey program

At the MCSC Pavlova branch, you can get a coloproctologist's consultation and undergoCheck-Up examination program in a short time and in comfortable conditions. As part of the examination, our specialists diagnose various pathologies of the rectum, anal canal and perianal area: ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease polyps and fistulas of the rectum chronic hemorrhoids, anal fissure, etc. The program includes: initial admission (examination, consultation) of a coloproctologist blood test analysis of feces for hidden blood diagnostic colonoscopy repeated appointment of a coloproctologist The examination is carried out within 1 day. Based on the results of express diagnostics, you will receive a comprehensive conclusion – a health passport, with a detailed explanation of the indicators and recommendations of our specialists. Make an appointment: on the website by phone call center +7 (495) 304 30 39 Our address: ul. Academician Pavlova, 22...


Danilov Mikhail Alexandrovich

Danilov Mikhail Alexandrovich

Surgeon, Oncologist, Coloproctologist

Head of department


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