All about the diagnosis of the mammary glands. The 5 best articles for 2022


Accuracy of diagnosis plays an important role in the prevention and effective treatment of breast diseases.Specialists of the MCSC Women's Health Clinic use not only modern equipment, but also new techniques that make it possible to detect the disease at an early stage.

We have prepared for you a selection of 5 of our interesting diagnostic materials for 2022.Have fun reading!

Contrast mammography.

Says the MCSC expertToday, the main method of diagnosing breast cancer is mammography.

However, in some cases, its capabilities are not enough. One of the reasons is the difficulty of deciphering the images due to the dense radiological background of the mammary glands.

The MCSC expert talks about a modern diagnostic method that allows detecting the disease at an early stage, regardless of the density of the X-Ray background.

The role of tomosynthesis in diagnosis. The patient's history of FGMA patient of the MCSC Women's Health Clinic was concerned about the formation in the mammary gland.

  • On mammography, due to the dense X-ray background, the tumor was not clearly defined.
  • The patient also had an ultrasound scan, which showed the presence of blood flow in the formation.

But since there were discrepancies according to the conclusions of ultrasound and mammography, additional diagnostics were required.

Thermography of the breast. How accurate is this method?Thermography of the mammary gland is a diagnostic method that is based on the registration of infrared radiation from the mammary gland, after which images are obtained that make it possible to identify "hot" or "cold" areas in the body.

It is assumed that the dim radiation over breast tumors should be higher than over the surrounding tissue, so thermography will detect cancer at an early stage.But is it really so?

Multiparametric ultrasound in mammology

For the clarifying diagnosis of breast diseases, MCSC specialists use various techniques, one of which is multiparametric ultrasound.

This method includes the use of several ultrasound technologies that help the doctor to detect pathological changes in a timely manner, including significantly increasing the detection of stage I breast cancer.

Mammography in combined mode

Mammography in combined mode (2D digital mammography + 3D tomosynthesis) is a new standard of care in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

The technique helps to reduce the likelihood of superposition of breast tissue, which may hide signs of malignant neoplasm.

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