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MCSC doctors - nominees of the "Let's Live!" award 2023

Friends!On February 4, 2023, on World Cancer Day, the winners of the "Let's Live!" award will be awarded. This is a big annual event organized by the All-Russian Association of Cancer Patients "Hello!". We are glad that our Center is represented in several nominations at once: The best department Department of Clinical Mammology and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of the breast Center for Personalized Medicine Branch No. 3 of the Women's Health Clinic Day hospital of therapeutic profile Reception department Pearls of the professionFeoktistova Polina Sergeevna, oncologist, Ph.D., Head of the Chemotherapy Department Kuzmina Tatyana Nikolaevna, gastroenterologist, nutritionist, MD, Head of the Laboratory of Nutritionology Bodunova Natalia Alexandrovna, gastroenterologist, Ph.D., Head of the Center for Personalized Medicine Kvetenadze Gurami Yelgujayevich, surgeon, oncologist, Head of the Department of Clinical Mammology and Reconstructive Plastic...


Bodunova Natalia Aleksandrovna

Bodunova Natalia Aleksandrovna


Head of the center

Центр персонализированной медицины

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