Центр персонализированной медицины

Центр персонализированной медицины


Объединяя опыт лучших специалистов и современные медицинские технологии, мы предлагаем Вам уникальный продукт.

Personalized medicine is a modern approach to assessing health status. Our activity is aimed at a thorough study of the physiological and genetic characteristics of the body using modern molecular and instrumental methods of examination.

Modern technologies allow us not only to correctly assess the true likelihood of developing a disease, but also to develop preventive measures as individually as possible.

With a large clinical and laboratory-instrumental base, the Center for Personalized Medicine is ready to offer you a wide range of studies and types of consultations. If necessary, hospitalization of the patient in any inpatient department of the MCSC is possible.

You can:

  • receive a comprehensive assessment of health status, including psychological factors
  • learn about your predisposition to diseases (chronic and oncological)
  • to develop an individual examination and prevention program to prevent the development of a particular pathology
  • get personalized treatment depending on your genotype

Why the Center for Personalized Medicine?

  • high professionalism
  • team approach
  • scientific activity
  • large clinical and laboratory-instrumental base
  • the interests of the patient - above all!

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