Онлайн консультации врачей МКНЦ им А.С. Логинова!

Oncology в МКНЦ им А.С.Логинова

Now a lot of forces are focused on the fight against the pandemic. Many clinics have been repurposed to help patients with Covid 2019. The State Medical Institution of the Moscow State Medical Center named after A. S. Loginov DZM continues to provide medical care to cancer patients in full. On the basis of our center, additional capacities have been deployed to provide specialized care to patients with oncological diseases and a department of drug treatment has been created (under the leadership of the Deputy Head of the Department). director of Oncology, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences Lyudmila Zhukova).

For cancer patients, a separate entrance to the department is organized, and their stay in the clinic is isolated from other patients of our center. The separation of threads will help to reduce the waiting time and make your stay in the center more comfortable.

The departments carry out all modern regimens of antitumor drug therapy, including chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy for tumors of the female reproductive system, respiratory organs, gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary system, hepatobiliary tumors, head and neck tumors, neuroendocrine tumors, melanoma and other skin tumors.

The choice of treatment options and the selection of targeted and immune drugs is persinified and is based on the results of determining the molecular profile of the tumor (the study is carried out in the laboratories of the MCNC). Treatment tactics are determined at the oncoconsilium with the involvement of all necessary specialists.

In the departments, a modern complex of supportive therapy is also carried out, which makes it easier to tolerate antitumor treatment.

Our round-the-clock hospital operates 24/7, conducting antitumor therapy without weekends and holidays. As part of the round-the-clock hospital, patients can stay in 2-and 3-bed wards for the entire duration of multi-day chemotherapy courses, including pre-and post-medical days, and round-the-clock monitoring by an oncologist.

Since April 20, 2020, a new department – a day hospital for cancer profile-has started its work in the MCNC. The department provides all modern regimens of antitumor drug therapy (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy), which do not require round-the-clock hospitalization.

The day hospital is located in spacious rooms equipped with special comfortable chairs that allow you to comfortably carry out infusions lasting up to several hours.

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